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07 Jun 20174R CCA Nutrient Management Specialist Study Guide

The International Certified Crop Adviser (ICCA) Program developed the 4R NMS (4R Nutri­ent Management Specialist) Certification to meet the growing demand for qualified advisers with focused knowledge ...

31 Mar 2016Soil Test Levels in North America

2015 Summary Update

02 Dec 2015Better Crops: The Fertility of North American Soils: A Preliminary Look at 2015 Results

The 2015 soil test summary is the fourth in a series of summaries dating back to 2001, 2005, and 2010. For the first time, trends in relative frequencies in soil test levels are being examined. Prelim ...

02 Dec 2015Better Crops: Phosphorus Management for Potatoes

Economic rates of P fertilization are higher for potatoes than for many other crops due to shallow roots and sparse root hairs.

06 Mar 2015Plant Nutrition Today

Spring 2015

14 Jan 2015Nutri-Facts

IPNI's Nutri-Facts series focuses on each essential plant nutrient - presenting key facts concerning their use.

16 Jan 2012On-Farm Research

Want to do some field trials of your own? This tutorial provides guidance on designing experiments and provides step-by-step instructions for conducting a statistical analysis in Microsoft Excel.

16 Jan 2012Finding Trends in Soil Test Data

The following materials are provided to help farmers and crop advisers use Microsoft Excel to examine soil test data over time to assess how a fertilization program changes soil test levels. The manua ...

06 Oct 2009PKalc - Nutrient Budget Estimation Spreadsheet

Note: This material is based upon work supported by the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES), U. S. Department of Agriculture, under agreement No. 00-52103-9679 of the ...