07 Jun 2017

4R CCA Nutrient Management Specialist Study Guide

This study guide was developed by IPNI to support the current Performance Objectives for 4R Nutrient Management Specialist.

The International Certified Crop Adviser (ICCA) Program developed the 4R NMS (4R Nutri­ent Management Specialist) Certification to meet the growing demand for qualified advisers with focused knowledge and skills in nutrient management.

The 4R NMS specialty allows those CCAs who advise on nutrient management to become more visibly recognized for their knowledge and skills. The CCA 4R NMS Specialty Area is an additional specialty certification that builds upon the nutrient, soil, and water components of the International CCA Certification, to demonstrate the Crop Adviser’s proficiency in working with the 4R concept and building it into nutrient management planning.

Nutrient management is an integrated process that considers not only the agronomic as­pects of soil and crop nutrition, but also the social, economic, and environmental relation­ships with the management system. The 4R concept of nutrient management has been developed and is being implemented worldwide by industry, researchers, government agen­cies, and farmers and their advisers. With the goal of building a Nutrient Management Plan that puts the right nutrient sources, at the right rate, in the right place, and at the right time---the 4Rs of nutrient management.

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